Whole Watermelon Juice

♥ Improves bronchial health, alleviates swelling, and rejuvenates skin

Rich in vitamins and minerals, watermelon juice is a natural electrolyte drink that is over 90 percent water. It is also a rich source of antibacterial lycopene, which suppresses melanin production and rejuvenates skin. In addition, the choline in watermelon enhances memory and focus. Watermelon juice is made by blending the whole fruit, including the seeds and white flesh. The phosphorus inside the watermelon seed is particularly effective in treating acute asthma and flue, as it lubricates mucous membranes. Also, cucurbitacin, which gives watermelon's white rind its bitter taste, is known to suppress the growth of cancer cells, protect the liver, and prevent infection.

Net wt.

500ml (500g)


1/16 watermelon (500g)

Optional Ingredients
1/2 lemon, 1/3 cucumber (60g) and 2 basil leaves


  1. Remove the green skin of the watermelon from the rind, leaving the seeds intact.

  2. Place the watermelon into the pitcher for the OZEN vacuum blender.

  3. Blend the ingredients in a vacuum using the automatic mode.