Red Cabbage Juice

♥ Prevents constipation, slows aging, and improves eyesight

Anthocyanin, a powerful antioxidant, is abundant in red cabbages. Coupled with the lycopene in beets, it creates an incredibly healthy juice that is great for preventing heart disease. Red cabbage is sweeter and richer in protein and vitamins than ordinary cabbage, and beet cleanses the blood and stimulates blood flow, preventing anemia.

Net wt.

350 ml (350g)


30 grapes, 2 red cabbage leaves (60g), 1/8 beet (20g), and 100 ml water.


  1. Remove individual grapes from the stem and wash red cabbage and beet.

  2. Place all ingredients into the pitcher for the OZEN vacuum blender.

  3. Blend the ingredients in a vacuum using the automatic mode.