Iced Persimmon Juice

♥ Strengthens the immune system and stimulates blood circulation

Persimmons contain twice as much vitamin C as tangerines, making them great for keeping your skin healthy and boosting your immune system. Diospyrin, a type of tannin responsible for persimmons’ astringent taste, helps lower blood pressure and blood alcohol levels, making it a good hangover remedy. As persimmon stems are rich in antioxidants, it is important to blend persimmons with the stems still on. Ginger tends to raise our body temperature and improve blood circulation, and its spiciness stimulates gastric secretions and offers antibacterial and antioxidant effects.

Net wt.

350ml (350g)


1 frozen persimmon, 1/6 carrot (30g), 1 slice ginger (3g), and 300ml milk


  1. Wash carrot and ginger.

  2. Place all ingredients into the pitcher for the OZEN vacuum blender.

  3. Blend the ingredients in a vacuum using the automatic mode.