Beet and Pear Juice

♥ Purifies blood, relieves fatigue, and promotes weight loss

Bright red beetroot helps increase red blood cell count and serves to cleanse the blood. Beet is known to not only relieve anemia, menstrual irregularity, and menopausal disorders but cleanse the liver and prevent cancer as well. As a fiber-rich food, beet is low in calories and effective for the treatment of constipation. Pear, consisting of 90 percent water, is rich in fructose, malic acid, and citric acid and effective at relieving fatigue. The source of pears’ sweetness, sorbitol helps facilitate bowel movements and soothes a sore throat. You can make a wonderful juice by blending whole pear and beet together—skins, seeds, and all.

Net wt.

500ml (500g)


Ingredients 1 pear, 1⁄8 beet (20g), 1⁄4 cucumber (50g), and 100ml coconut water


  1. Clean pear, beet, and cucumber.

  2. Place all ingredients into the pitcher of the OZEN vacuum blender.

  3. Blend the ingredients in a vacuum using the automatic mode.