Barley Sprout Juice

♥ Has detox effect, slows aging, and improves liver function

Barley sprouts contain antioxidants, such as policosanol and flavonoids, which are excellent at preventing the production and synthesis of neutral fats and decomposing fats. Greek yogurt, characterized by the deep flavor of raw milk, is packed with protein and calcium and helps keep your bowels healthy.

Net wt.

400ml (400g)


2 bananas, 1⁄2 spinach root (20g), 1 tsp. barley sprout powder, 100ml Greek yogurt, and 100ml milk


  1. Peel bananas and wash spinach.

  2. Place all ingredients into the pitcher of the OZEN vacuum blender.

  3. Blend the ingredients in a vacuum using the automatic mode.